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The hotel

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<strong>We are a boutique hotel that arises in the heart of the Coffee Cultural Landscape; Declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.</strong>

<p>Sazagua is an exquisite manifestation of our hospitable culture. Our name pays homage to the Quimbaya civilization that inhabited the region. Sazagua has an exceptional climate and the beautiful natural surroundings of a temperate land cultivated with coffee, we are a Boutique Hotel for special visitors.<br />
Our spaces evoke the old houses of the coffee farms and recreate their environments with wooden structures, wide corridors, colonial floors, clay tiles, vivid colors, light and nature.</p>

<p>The eclectic decor, with its antique furniture, plus a select collection of art, create a captivating atmosphere of home comfort, refinement, friendly service and a personal touch in every detail.<br />
Sazagua has an exquisite restaurant, which allows for the enjoyment of a new and contemporary cuisine that combines typical and international dishes.</p>

<p>Its spectacular garden, with a beautiful collections of palms and tropical plants attracts the great diversity of birds in the region, its beautiful and unique spa is constructed with enormous river rocks, making it a pleasure for the senses.<br />
Also, this Hotel is an ideal place for social events and corporate meetings.</p>


<p><strong>List of Services</strong></p>

<p>&bull;&nbsp;Laundry service<br />
&bull; Transportation Service<br />
&bull; Bilingual staff<br />
&bull; Free parking<br />
&bull; Wifi</p>

<p><strong>Languages Spoken</strong></p>

<p>&bull; Spanish<br />
&bull; English</p>

<p><strong>Additional services</strong></p>

<p>&bull; Tourist Experiences<br />
&bull; Small Business Center<br />
&bull; Spa<br />
&bull; Turkish Bath<br />
&bull; Jacuzzi<br />
&bull; Swimming Pool</p>