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“Jesús Martín” coffee tour

<p><strong>Textures, colors, smells and tastes of the Jes&uacute;s Mart&iacute;n Coffee</strong></p>

<p>&laquo;The coffee of heritage and tradition&raquo;</p>

<p>&laquo;Santa Ana&raquo;, a traditional farm, an inheritance of coffee growers and dedicated to the production of coffee for decades, there you can learn about the origin and experience of selecting an exclusive coffee that contributes to the sustainability of the local economy</p>

<p>Visit the Jes&uacute;s Martin coffee factory, &quot;we tell the story step by step&quot; after knowing about its origins and harvesting, it teach us the process of threshing and selection, to then live a totally sensorial experience in which, through smell, sight and touch, the sensory experience of coffee is understood</p>

<p>&quot;To savor&quot; is the final stage, after knowing the process of the seed, we will see it done in the cup, we move to the traditional square of the emblematic town of Salento, visit the store of Jesus Martin, is there where you will see reflected the effort and dedication of hundreds of peasants in a delicious coffee (Latte art show)</p>