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Travel responsibly in Sazagua are committed and with your help we can improve our impact on the environment and our local culture.

We invite you to travel fostering respect for people and places visited, to create a positive cultural exchange between both parties.

Thank you for contributing to the economic development of the area and create a positive impact on the communities they visit.

  • Apaga-la-luz

Save energy!

When you leave the room turn off the light and air conditioning if it is not in use, unplug all appliances that you will not need. These consume energy even when they are off or in standby mode.

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FIND paper use!

Allow us to print on recycled paper. Take only the maps and brochures that will actually use.

Implement your electronic air ticket, saving approximately 50,000 trees per year.

  • Cierra-la-llave

Every drop of water counts!

If you want your sheets and towels are not washed daily inform us about it.

Do not take unnecessary showers, turn off while not in use.

  • Montañismo (14)

Protect our cultural heritage!

Colombia is known for its natural and cultural beauty. Help us preserve them.

Contribute to the conservation of natural and cultural to respect the values ​​and customs regulations.

Be Ambassador of Colombia to the world, promote our national tourism.

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Boutique Hotel Sazagua rejects the exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and other forms of sexual abuse with minors, Act 679 of 2001.

Boutique Hotel Sazagua fulfills the Law 17 of 1981 and Resolution 1367 of 2000 against the sale and transport of species of wild fauna and flora.

Boutique Hotel Sazagua rejects commercialization and illegal trafficking of regional and national cultural property, Law 103 of 1991 and Decree 904 of 1941, Act 397 of 1997 and Decree 833 of 2002, Law 1185 of 2008.