Don Monolo coffee tasting

About the experience
The name of the Don Manolo coffee pays tribute to the grandfather of this family of coffee growers who today is responsible for transmitting his passion for the coffee fields, their processes, their flavors and aromas.

Manuel José along with Pamela and his jeep (traditional means of transportation in the area) will teach you all the things you did not know about the second most ingested drink in the world just below water: coffee. What are the differences between robusta and arabica coffee, why is Colombian coffee so recognized worldwide, for how many processes does the coffee bean have to go through until it reaches your cup, are some of the things you will learn.

Don Monolo coffee is called a special coffee because of its origin, variety and careful process of selecting the bean manually, choosing only the ripe ones to pulp, wash and dry them in the sun, maintaining this artisanal process allows us then to find caramel and chocolate flavors, with acidity and medium body, exquisite on the palate.

A unique experience that you will live under the immense trees of Sazagua full of orchids and birds of the region.

Where will we be
In Don Manuel's Jeep at Sazagua boutique hotel. Pereira, Colombia.

Who can come
Family or friends. Maximum 12 people.

Tell us if you have a special diet or want to focus on a specific preparation method. Modifiable plan according to weather conditions.

Schedule your coffee tasting by calling us at +5763379895 or writing an email to

We are at Km. 8 Via Cerritos Entrance 4 Quimbayita Condominium Here we wait for you!