COVID - 19

Sazagua and the recommendations to take care of everyone's health

At Sazagua Hotel Boutique we are committed to taking care of our future guests and our collaborators. Our readiness stage for reopening is guided by a professional team, which guarantees the biosafety protocols required by local and international organizations, against the management of the Covid-19 pandemic.
It is a time to make the necessary reforms and adaptations that allow social distancing, without losing the magic and warmth of our spaces. Soon we will be ready so that living the best tourism experience in the Colombian Coffee Region is a reality and within the reach of travelers.

Security in our experiences

Sazagua Hotel Boutique is characterized by the highest quality and an excellent level of service in all its spaces and experiences. Our facilities have the ability to accommodate guests with high standards of sanitation and asepsis, following the advice and recommendations of the World Health Organization and local institutions, such as the Colombian Ministry of Health, who have provided us with all the necessary information and access to the protocols we are complying with, step by step.

Our doors will open, taking care of the safety and health of all. We are fortunate to have outdoor spaces that allow us to fulfill social distancing. The gardens and common areas are being adequate according to the recommendations. We trust that our guests will be able to enjoy these spaces and will help us to take care of each other.

When can we travel?

Our country has not yet defined the dates for the opening of hotels and revival of tourism. However, at Sazagua Hotel Boutique , we comply with the protocols and we will be ready to open, once they allow us, following the recommendations to take care of ourselves.
For now, we are waiting for restrictions to be lifted for domestic travelers and, of course, for international travelers. The flights are still closed. We are sure that this will be a great opportunity to fulfill the purpose of the tourism sector that "Colombia is for Colombians", we are preparing new experiences that will allow us to experience the essence and magic of the Coffee Axis. And, when we reactivate international tourism, we are sure that we will become, thanks to new alliances and experiences, the best alternative to live and discover the heart of Colombia.

If you have a reservation at our hotel and have plans to travel once land travel and flights are reactivated, contact us and together we will design the best travel and stay experience, following biosafety protocols. We are also making modifications at no cost to reservations. It is time to be flexible and to think of everyone.

For more travel related information

We recommend consulting the following websites for protocols, recommendations and related news that may be useful when planning or rescheduling your trip.

Sazagua Hotel Boutique is preparing for a safe reopening for everyone