sazagua experiences tours

At Sazagua we offer unique luxury experiences , tailored to our visitors to live Colombia in the coffee axis in the way that locals do, that is why we directly operate our tours.

Due to our strategic location, you will be able to explore with us the splendor of the Coffee Cultural Landscape: Risaralda, Quindío, Caldas and Norte del Valle, this incredible region rich in green mountains, snow-capped mountains, rivers, and exuberant nature .

We have gastronomic tours, visits to typical towns or coffee tours "flagship product of our region" the journey starts from the seed and ends with a delicious cup.

Picturesque towns full of friendly, warm people and always ready to give you a smile complete the tourist experience, coffee farms that remember our origins and to end the day there is nothing better than revitalizing yourself in the thermal baths.

Our job is to rescue and share our traditions by creating memorable moments in the most authentic way , because we live and know the region.