Map Hotel Boutique Sazagua, Pereira

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10 minutes away from the Ukumari theme park

We are a boutique hotel located in the department of Risaralda, in the city of Pereira at kilometer 7 via Cerritos, entrance 4, Quimbayita condominium. We have numerous outdoor spaces for you to enjoy the coffee cultural landscape in all its splendor. Thus, we enjoy a privileged location, very close to major natural wonders and attractions of our region.

We are only 10 km away from Matecaña International Airport, 10 minutes away from the Ukumari theme park, 2 hours away from the snow-capped mountains park, 50 minutes away from the Santa Rosa hot springs and the Cocora Valley. We are also surrounded by beautiful and colorful villages where you will see the rustic character and rural identity.

Km 7 via Cerritos, Entrada 4, Condomino Quimbayita